Livejasmin.com Features
  • Great user experience on mobiles and tablets
  • Around 300 models online at any time
  • One of the biggest sites with 24,000+ models
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Flirt4free.com Features
  • 100+ models online at any time
  • User experience on smartphones could be better
  • Well known site in the gay community
  • not many models, pretty expensive
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Strip4bit.com Features
  • Very easy signup
  • Great webdesign
  • Launched back in 2013
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Xlovecam.com Features
  • Galleries of broadcasters are free
  • High quality video streams
  • Add favorite broadcasters to a list
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Cams.com Features
  • One of the first cam sites
  • Has been rated high for several years now
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Titsforbitcoin.com Features
  • Only amateuers are allowed
  • Was the first peer to peer cam site
  • Bitcoins are sent to the girl, no middleman
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Bitcoin Cams

Anonymous porn and cam viewing has never been that easy: Use Bitcoin to pay your favorite Webcam Sites. We only list Bitcoin enabled Cam Sites here, so check back again in a few days for some neat reviews of the best Bitcoin Cams out there.

Easy Access And Available Women From Across The World

Although webcams have become an almost essential part of our everyday lives, from Skyping with friends and family to teleconferencing with colleagues, one of the more tempting and sensuous applications of the technology has been with live cam sites. Ultimately, live cam websites are online arenas where you can chat live via webcam with horny women from across the globe – depending on the site you can have one-on-one interactions, or join a group chat where they’ll pleasure themselves in front of you.

A growing number of these websites incorporate Bitcoin payments, as opposed to conventional credit card payments, which leads to some interesting benefits. As a payment system, Bitcoin is considered a cryptocurrency that allows peer-to-peer transactions without having to go through a third party.

But because it’s completely online (ie. a virtual currency), it’s an ideal way to pay for services – not only is it more convenient than using credit cards, which require a lot of personal information and data and are always at risk of being hacked, Bitcoin is also extremely fast so you never have to wait around for a transaction to process. It’s almost instantaneous.

The Upside To Using Bitcoins On Web Cam Sites

Another huge benefit of Bitcoin, and a reason that so many people have started to see its usefulness, is the fact that it allows for some anonymity. As opposed to credit card statements (which some adult sites still use), the use of Bitcoin involves an e-Wallet. This wallet can be stocked with Bitcoins bought or traded from other companies and users, but when actually purchasing something with Bitcoins there is no other transfer of personal information.

This is particularly ideal for live web cam sites because members never have to worry about something suspicious showing up on their credit card reports. On the other hand, because of the way Bitcoin works by storing all transactions on a public ledger (or block chain), your identity isn’t always 100% secure. As a way to tackle this, some new e-Wallets actually use a completely new Bitcoin address for each transaction.

However, live web cam sites know that anonymity is one of the most important factors in attracting customers, so many of them include their own encryptions to help make payment that much safer and anonymous.

Bitcoin Cam Sites Open Up A Whole New Way Of Experiencing Adult Entertainment

While there a lot of benefits to using Bitcoin, including the fact that Bitcoin isn’t owned by anyone and its relative convenience, there are some downsides to be aware of as well.

This includes the fact that there are no refunds or reversible transactions. This basically means that every transaction you make is permanent, so it’s always a good idea to do some research and make sure the company and cam site you’re using is reputable. You can use Bitcoin for VR Livecams – and you can also buy VR Porn with Bitcoin.

It’s also a good idea to do some research on which wallet you decide to use. Some of the newer and more popular e-Wallets give their users their own private ‘keys’, which is another way to confirm security, while others may hold the keys for their users.

In terms of actually acquiring Bitcoins, there are a number of ways: one way is to receive them from other users for services or goods, but for newcomers and those who intend to use them on something specific such as a live web cam site, the easiest way is simply to buy them at an exchange.

There are a number of Bitcoin exchanges online (literally hundreds, the easiest way is to buy bitcoins by creditcard on a bitcoin exchange like the ones listed here.), though many of them are specific to certain countries. Simply log into an exchange that seems to offer a good rate in the currency of your choice, and then buy as many Bitcoins as you desire.

Like the e-Wallets, it is a good idea to shop around a bit first though, to ensure that the exchange you’re buying them from is honest and giving you a good price.