Of all the live cam websites out there, far and away LiveJasmin has proven itself over and over again as being one of the most popular – and with good reason. Not only has it been around for a long time, but it also has some of the hottest models on the net (both amateur and professional) with one of the widest selections. Whatever your choice of fantasy, there’s a girl (or guy) for everyone, and their categories include everything from Big Tits and Petite, to Latina women and fetish cams. Brings Wecam Fantasies To Life

The easy drop down menu lets you search not only for what sort of cam date you want to have, but also organizes it according to sexuality. And in this, I think, LiveJasmin is particularly innovative: on one hand, they are definitely high to mid-range in terms of their memberships, but what you get really lives up to the hype, and with literally hundreds of cams to cycle through (and a good search parameter system to find exactly what it is you want), an unforgettable one on one

But while there is something to be said for a lot of variety, that’s only half the equation. LiveJasmin also seems to have pioneered an easy-access interface that puts you front and center in the action right off the bat. Models are identified in tile format on the screen by a profile picture, and by hovering your mouse over each icon you get a free glimpse at their webcam – which is an ideal way to decide if the girl is someone that you want to get to know better, so that you can always find exactly what you want. And unlike other live websites, there is an overarching quality to the models; all of them aren’t just gorgeous, they really feel like they have experience, whether it’s flirting you up or actually riding themselves to an explosive climax just for you.

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