Like the name suggests, Strip4Bit is one of a handful of up and coming webcam sites featuring horny women eager to engage in whatever your heart desires – whether it be masturbation, toys, or fetish – and all of it based on a Bitcoin payment system. The fact that it uses Bitcoin is unique, and has a number of benefits including the fact that you never have to worry about issues related to credit card use, such as slow transfer times, lack of security, or a suspicious charge appearing on your credit card bill. Instead, each performance or private chat is paid according to a set Bitcoin rate, and as a result you also always know how many credits you have. Is The Future Of Bitcoin Cam Sites

Besides being one of the more modern approaches to cam sites, Strip4Bit also hallmarks itself with a user friendly interface featuring all the models with profile pictures that includes their age and what languages they speak. This makes it easy to quickly browse through girls, and once you click on their picture it takes you right to their profile which includes a lot more personal information than other cam sites you’re likely to stumble across. Some of the questions include tame things like what food they like, what books they’ve read lately, to raunchier topics like what sort of sex they’re into, what their most interesting sexual experience was, and what their schedule is so you can always ‘save’ them as a favorite and come back later.
The one downside is that there are no free video chats unless you sign up, but again their membership is unique to other cam sites that aren’t Bitocoin affiliated – instead of an email address, all you need is a bitcoin address and login key which is supplied at the click of a button!

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